See the bagel, not the line

One reason many of us don’t achieve our goals is that we often see the obstacle more than we can focus on the prize. We easily get discouraged by the seeming difficulty of the endeavor and don’t take the first step. We come up with excuses, and ultimately, the goal gets forgotten.

Simon Sinek told a story to illustrate this point: He and a friend had just ran a foot race, after which the organizers gave free bagels to the runners as a treat. They agreed to go for the free bagel. However, a long queue had already formed. Simon Sinek CROP

Sinek’s friend had a change of mind. “The line’s too long,” the friend said. Sinek told him there’s free bagel at the end of the line. The line’s too long, his friend repeated. Free bagel, Sinek insisted. And this went on and on for a while until the issue was resolved. Sinek went to get his bagel and his friend didn’t.

His friend saw the queue as an obstacle. Sinek’s focus was on the bagel. He simply looked at the line as a series of obstacles to be overcome. Often, we exaggerate the difficulty posed by obstacles. But we discover that once we start to traverse the path, the obstacles are not that big. Our mental picture of obstacles make them look tougher than they are.

This is great advice for people who want to achieve success. Keep your eyes on your goals, not the obstacles that lay in your path. Boldness in taking the first step is all that we need to begin the journey. Nothing is achieved by just staying put where you are, and grousing about how hard it is to reach your goal.



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