Writing your way toward riches

Believe it or not, you can make your dreams come true by taking a simple step: Write down your goal on paper!

Napoleon Hill, whose book “Think and Grow Rich” spurred millions of individuals on the path toward wealth, advised his readers to write down their clear and specific goals as the first step toward fulfilling their dreams.

Hill wrote down his major goal on a 3×5 inch index card and kept it in his wallet. This allowed him to read and reread it several times a day. What this does is it plants the seeds in your subconscious mind for the attainment of your dreams. By going back to it regularly several times a day, the seeds are nurtured and the subconscious collaborates with universal energy to bring you toward its attainment.if-you-have-a-goal-write-it-down-if-you-do-not-write-it-down-you-do-not-have-a-goal-you-have-a-wish-2

This makes sense, because when we build a house, or a building, or a road, or a bridge, we first put everything into a blueprint in which the over-all design, specifications for each component of the structure and other details are provided in detail. Even tailors, shoemakers and furniture makers use patterns to do their work. Ship captains and airplane pilots chart their course on a map before sailing or taking off.

Hence, it’s a wonder why so many people do not bother to put down on paper their goals to make sure we are clear about what we want to achieve. Well, this is really why most people live through life aimlessly, and never achieve much in terms of career and money. They simply drift through life.

As Jack Canfield, author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and “The Success Principles,” explains that by writing down our goals, we keep our subconscious mind focused on what we want by reading our list of goals not only once, but several times a day. This sets the subconscious mind to go to work and deliver the desired results, whether money or achievement of a goal.

Hill, Canfield and so many authors are convinced that our subconscious mind is wired to the universe, and by constantly giving it the desired course, it will collaborate with cosmic forces to make it happen.

In writing down what you want, you have to be specific. If it is money you want, write down the exact amount and the date you desire to have it. This is something you shouldn’t regard as one sick, joke. It has worked for me, and it has worked for millions of people who followed this advice.

But of course writing down what you desire isn’t all that it takes to make it happen. You have to work hard to bring about the conditions that will pave the way for its arrival. For instance, if you are into marketing, you have to gain mastery of your products and equip yourself with the right knowledge. You also need to reframe your mind and make it receptive to money-making.

T. Harv Eker, another multi-millionaire entrepreneur and writer of books on becoming rich, said we have to get rid of wrong notions about money. In my case, I used to think I didn’t want to be very rich. I just wanted sufficient money to meet my basic needs, most especially the education of my children. True enough, I never lacked for money to pay for the house, pay the amortization on my car, and tuition fees of my kids. If we have ask for money, there is really no limit.


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