Generosity is key to financial success

Tony Robbins believes that to achieve financial success, one needs to be generous. It is in giving more than one gets to receive more. Because of this, Robbins has embarked on a mission to help feed 42 million Americans who are hungry. His target this year is serving 100 million meals. By 2025, Robbins is aiming for 1 billion meals.

We have long heard the saying that “it is better to give than to receive.” This isn’t an empty quotation. It has been shown that people who are generous tend to get more in return. There is a powerful Being in this universe Who rewards the acts of kindness and generosity of people.

But more than that, being always ready to share one’s blessings creates an abundance mindset. Obviously, you won’t be able to give unless you have money to share. This plants the idea in the giver that he needs to earn more to be able to experience the joy in giving. By feeling happy, a generous person triggers positive energy not only in his being, but also in his environment.

And there are countless individuals who have shown this principle to be true. Rommel Ynion, a close friend of mine, literally “spread the sunshine” when he acquired a fortune back in the early 2000s. He helped not only his friends, but even those he hardly knew. One example was a young boy in Iloilo City who had a congenital heart problem. He needed open heart surgery to close a hole in his heart; otherwise, he was not going to live long. The problem was the boy’s parents had a hand-to-mouth existence.

A radio anchorman appealed to Rommel for help. Without even asking who the boy was, he agreed to bankroll the surgery that cost more than half a million pesos. The boy is now in the pink of health.

Rommel was harassed and oppressed by the Aquino administration because he dared to challenge the Liberal Party’s candidate in Iloilo City back in 2013. The BIR was commissioned to freeze all of Rommel’s bank accounts and charged him for allegedly evading the payment of correct taxes. It did cause Rommel to go through a period of difficulty, as he was deprived access to his bank deposits.

But less than four years after the cases were filed against Rommel, he is now back on his feet. Obviously, his propensity to give to others got him a fair return from the cosmos. Not even the full force of government was enough to crush him to powder.

There are countless illustrations of how generosity has rewarded rich people for their acts of kindness. Another is Rommel’s own brother, Eugenio Jr., who is a barangay captain in Barangay San Antonio in San Pedro City, Laguna. Kap Jun built a business empire in shipping management and logistics. When he became barangay captain, he took the unexpected move of relocating his corporate headquarters to his own barangay. What used to be a squatters area was developed into a beautiful corporate office compound that also houses his Sabak Foundation.

Kap Jun has changed public perception about their elected officials. Four years ago, he promised “zero corruption” to his constituents. At the time, it was a hazy idea for people who have grown tired of hearing empty promises from politicians. But not this time. In no time, Kap Jun demonstrated that when public officials shun corruption, more money is turned into projects, programs and services. Kap Jun gave back not only his money and time, but also helped restore public confidence in government.

The world’s richest individuals are perhaps the best known for giving away their fortune in the billions of dollars. To name a few are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and the late Steve Jobs. And giving back is not confined to money; it can be service to the community. Many businessmen and professionals do this through civic organizations like Rotary,  Lions and Kiwanis. It can also be done by doing volunteer work for the church, schools and community organizations.

Indeed, those who do not hesitate to help do not really see their finances grow thin. In the process, the universal law of attraction is put to work, and brings back more to them to enable them to continue their acts of kindness and generosity.


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